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Do you think automation can replace manual testing? We can all discuss on this topic…please participate.


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i think no need of such questions
Dear Sriya Rajan,

I will suggest you to go through the article in my blog When to go for Automated Test Case Execution..
I firmly believe Automation testing can't replace manual testing.If we wanna accomplish Automation testing, we tend to do manual testing first. Every Automation test engg., first do manual testing for any kind of application /software.Rex black said "Manual testing is key & pillar for any kind of testing ." Objective to perform Automation testing to save Time & cost.
NEVER..IT IS NOT POSSIBLE..So dont worry & enjoyyy
I agree with Ajay, there is no comparison between manual and automation testing. Both are important.


Really interesting question…

But According to me…Test automation will never replace manual testing, I know the importance and use of automation testing is incresed day by day but manual activities still have the same importance

The Reasons Why Test Automation can not be replaced manual testing

1- Sometimes automation testing services are expensive and can not to affordable by everyone

2- User-experience testing is difficult with test automation

3- Sometimes automation also face faults/ bugs

4- Automation have the Technical limitations

5-Only predictions tests are happen

I think these points are sufficient to know why manual testing is still important and why it will be never replaced…

As per practices of quality assurance services, automation testing can't completely vanish the scope of manual testing as automation testing can only be performed when the testing is predictable and when we know that there will be no major updations in the application. It would be mainly helpful to execute the vast coverage of regression test suites or to perform smoke/happy path testing to reduce the time needed to execute it manually.

But to test any new application where new features keep on introducing on regular basis, manual testing plays a vital role in understanding the entire functionality and explore the testing scope with proper flexibility.


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