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There are plenteous testing certifications available to study! Right from ISTQB,CSTP ,list of certifications vary from domain to domain.

In one way it is useless to spend money in each exam, study for it and clear it finally;But never know if it is really useful.

In another side there are people take lot of certifications and different testing tools.

But do we really need to take them?

When there are good work experience and strong expertise in domain knowledge,why testing professionals getting certified?


Narayanan Palani


Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed

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if you want to career in software testing then you can join the testing classes or courses and give the exams on that software testing certification gives you that best career opportunities


Yes, Certificates helps us to grasping good opportunities.  you can join any good Software Testing training institute and get certified in your desire courses. That will open lots of career options for you.


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