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Do we need to write separate test cases for Integration Testing ?

Hi Team members please try to answer my Question as soon as possible


1. Do we need to write separate test cases for Integration Testing ?

2. If so based on which document do we have to write the Integration Testcases ?

3. Are Integration test cases part of Functional Testing Test cases ?




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1. Ideally YES.
2. Design Specifications ideally (HLD/LLD/Use case)
3. Yes or NO - Depends on the type of testing being conducted.
Hi Siddiq,

Thansk for answering my question.
I do have another question to you
"How do we identify the Integration Scenarios or test cases ?"
Ideally from Use Cases specifications or from LLD.
I have one query regarding this -
Dev. write Unit TC basis of Use case and where to start Tester write Test case ? from SRS or Design Document ?
next is -
Tester write first GUI, Validation & Functional test case for single module then another module
then he will start Integration Test case then System and then Acceptance Test case .
I am right , please remove my confusion.
1) Tester can write test cases from anywhere, they need to understand the requirements well that's it. SRS/BRS/URS/FRS/HLD/LLD or NO documents(just looking at the existing applciation).

2) Test the order of test cases is UI -> Functional -> IT -> ST -> UAT.


Thanks for quick reply , now i am clear. Do U know about Change request ? what is role of tester .

Hi Hitesh,

Change Request is if the client wants to make few or more changes to the existing requirements.
The role of tester is Analyse the change in requirements and identify the areas where the changes are impacting in the system or AUT.
Identifying where the changes are impacting can be easily identified if we maintain a Requirement Traceability Matrix.
Based on the impact we need to identify the test scenarios and also the test cases report to the team/test lead. Should take permission and update the existing test cases.
Guys correct me if I am wrong !!


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