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Difficulty in running automated Test scripts in QC using VBScript

I am trying to run test set in qc using vbscript. There are 7 scripts in test set and when I try to run the test set, every alternate test script runs successfully while other test scripts fail with error - "Invalid pointer. Failed to update TSTest: Access violation at address 008EAD8E in module 'bp_exec_agent.exe'. Read of address 00000000 "

So 1st script successful, 2nd script fails with above error, 3rd successful, 4th fail and so on.Can anyone help me in resolving this issue? Also how to run individual test scripts in a test set using VB script instead of entire test set run?

I am using QTP 11.0 and ALM 11.0. WIndows Server 2008 R2




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I understand this is very late reply.  But here is solution:

1. Create a driver script in QTP which contains code to connect QC by using OTA API.

2. Create an excel file which has all test scripts to be run and provide an execution flag so that Tester can choose which script or scripts to be executed

3. Use OTA API to upload results in Test Lab (using TestSetTreeManager API & use other supporting API )

4. You can also upload attachments, QTP Log using Attachment Factory API, Test Steps Factory API.

Hope this helps.  Any time any questions related to QC & QTP Integration send me a message (including baseline & version control factories).

Recently I have implemented this framework for my client and successfully cracked many QC APIs and DB Schema (including shadow tables).



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