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Differnce Between End to End Testing and System Testing

Hi Friends,

Can you please clear the difference between End to End Testing and System Testing. If possible to define it with real time example.

Thanks in Advance.

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The question has been discussed several times ...  search for the same...

I have followed but did not get the example for these.

My doubt is that As we know System Testing consist of Functional and Non Function Testing.

What exactly End to End Testing consist? (Please example)

 End-to-end testing refers to user-level testing of component-based systems. It verifies that the integrated component works correctly as part of the overall system, and that the existing components of the system work as before. End-to-end testing approaches the system from both the functional side and the architecture side, thus combining black-box and white-box techniques. The steps that are required to perform end-to-end testing include test design, test execution, and test-results analysis.

Source :- Microsoft Documentation .

So the conclusion is :- End to end testing consists of Structural , Functional as well as Non-Functional testing ...

End to End Testing: Testing the entire computer system or software or applicaiton in a situation that mimics a real world use.

for example: testing the applicaiton from login to logout session

banking example: testing from customer login in to his account and made a transfer to another account with sucessful msg and logout at the end (i mean to say whole process from customer account to another account)

system testing:testing the computer system or software or application accross all modules.ST can be of two type functional and non functional testing.


In system testing we identify sceneraios and executed test cases to validate new functionality accross all modules.

correct me if m wrong



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