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Hi Frenz,

Can any body tell me what are the different types of integration testing we have..? please explain them briefly...

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Arpitha,

There are two types of integration testing :-

1) Big bang integration testing

2) Incremental integration testing

In case of big bang integration testing, it is mandatory to finish the implementation and integration of the modules before we can go for the integration testing.

But in case of incremental integration testing, it is not mandatory. So, here we need to create stubs and drivers for unfinished modules. Incremental integration testing is of two types :-

a) Top-down integration testing   b) Bottom-up integration testing.

For top-down integration testing approach, we start with the top modules and go downwards. Here we need to prepare stubs for the unfinished modules.

For bottom-up integration testing approach, we start with the bottom modules and move upwards. Here we need to prepare drivers for the unfinished modules.

Thanks and regards


  What about the Sandwich / Hybrid Integration ...???  that too is a kind of Functional / Incremental integration.

We Categorize Integration Strategies in 2 ways

1) Integration Testing in SMALL

2) Integration testing in LARGE

 In IT in SMALL we have fallowing types:

1) Bottom-Up

2) Top-Down

3) Ad-hoc

4) Hardest First

5) Function Oriented

6) Transaction Oriented

7) Non-Incrimental OR Big Bang

1st 6 are also know as Incrimental  IT

 In IT in Large we have:

1) Integration Strategies for Distributed Systems. 

  Veena ,

                  No need to go in that much deep ...  Question is very much simple .. but your answer is making the question complicated ...        In simple terms It is of four types :-

1) Big bang  ( Non-Incremental... integrate the modules at once and simply go for System testing ).

2) Top Down ( Incremental Integration )

3) Bottom UP ( Incremental Integration ) 

4) Hybrid/ Sandwich Integration  ( Functional Incremental Integration ) 

 I don't want to take it more further ...


Samrat Jha.

yup.. But No issues.. If some one want to knw it in deep.. they'l consider it.. :) 


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