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Hi Frenz,

Can any body tell me what are the different types of integration testing we have..? please explain them briefly...

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Arpitha,

Integration testing is two types
1. Big Bang Testing
2. Incremental Integration Testing
In this we have two approaches called
a. Top down approach
b. bottom up approach

Dear Arpitha,

I agree with Kalyani anwser....and
Big bang Testing also known as Non-Incremental Testing
Kalyani's answer is correct. All comes under Integration Testing.

nice ans short n sweet

Can anybody tell me the type of integration testing. I know approach (Big bang , sand wich , top bottom , bottom top)


in Top Down We use Stubs
in Bottom Up we use Drivers

Analogy to remember :
Bottom UP Driver =BUD. and how does a bud grow? bottom to top right?
Top Down Stubs=TDS. and what does TDS do to your pocket? bring it down. Right?

The More the ridiculed the analogies are the more easier it is to remember :)
Enjoy Learning Guys
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hi abhijeet ... thankz for information :).. good to remember easily... can u plz just explain me wat is stub n drivers.. when it is used...?
Thank u guys for sharing information .. please give me the clear picture of using stub n drivers...
Hi Arpitha,

For example,
I have moduleA, ModuleB, ModuleC in my project. The process like login page - inbox - delete mails
If the module login page not yet developed and other two modules completed, Instead of login page they add the piece of dummy code which is calling function(Driver).

In the same example login page - inbox are developed, but delete mails not implemented, In that case dev.. team add a small piece of code which is called function (Stub).

In the same example login page - delete mails are developed, but inbox not yet implemented. In that case we use both drivers & stubs which is called Bidirectional(Sandwitch Testing) approach.

Plz correct me if i am wrong..

That's precise kalyani. Thanks for putting it all together.
The Drivers and Stubs are put into a large chuck of code also called as Test harness.
in general analogy test harness would be nothing but a small framework designed to test integration.

Hi Guys,

            I saw ur discussion, the topic was some thing new which i dono, and the discussion was informative, can any explain me the difference b/w incremental and non-incremental testing. thanks...

can any body tell me what is the ETL testing process? please explain what kinds of tests we hav to do in ETL....ASHU


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