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Can anyone please let me know that what is a difference between Test scenario and test cases?

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Hi Madarapu,

Thanx for sending me a answer of my query...i think this is really helpful for me...

Ruby Luthra
Hi Ruby,

You can find the answer at http://web.iotap.com/Blogs/tabid/277/EntryId/38/What-are-Test-Strat... blog.
Comment on it if you have any question or suggestion.

Javed Nehal
Hi Javed,

Thanx for sending me a answer of my query...i think this is really helpful for me...

Ruby Luthra
A Test Scenarios have one to many relation with Test case, Means A scenario have multiple test case. Every time we have write test cases for test scenario. So while starting testing first prepare test scenarios then create different-2 test cases for each scenario.
EX: Checking the functionality of Login button is Test scenario.
Test Cases for this Test Scenario:
1. Click the button without entering user name and password.
2. Click the button only entering User name.
3.Click the button while entering wrong user name and wrong password.
etc... These all cases will have some expected and actual result.

Let us look at these from different view points...

View point A
Testing at different places, with varying cultures, differing standards and procedures e.g., A software developed in INdia is being used by an American tester/user. Here the physical scenario changes.

View point B
Testing a comprehensive application, across all modules and interfaces. Here the test cases vary from module to module.

Dr Ananthakrishnan

SCENARIO is somehow a very abstract point/topic to what is going to be tested; like:

a ) - Testing of User authentication mechanism.

b ) - Testing of email sending operation.

while TEST CASES contain the description about those abstract points/topic  and actually focus on where to test (environment and Pre-condition), what to test (the actual description of the scenrio), how it will be tested (steps to be done),  testing using what (test data), what should be the outcome of test(Expected Results) and ultimately the conclusion/Status (Pass/Fail).


Hope it helps..



Test Scenario is something like your Test conditions from where you can write the Testcases.

Oh..! Good Explanation Vineela...

Its looking very simple to understand to the Beginers also.


Hi Ruby!

     Test Scenario : Which will tells about functionalities and it will be written by tester.

     Test Case : Which contains the test inputs which is used to capture the bugs easily.It will also have execution conditions and expected results.And it should be worthfull.(ie) it should capture errors.


Let's go through in simple example,

Test Scenario: Test the Login Form

Test Cases: You may include,

> Give VALID credentials and login

> Give IN VALID credentials and login


In short, Test Scenario includes the functionality/feature as a WHOLE and Test Cases include the functionality/feature in DETAIL testing.


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