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What is the difference between smoke and sanity testing? please provide an example..

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just check in QT before posting.


Sanity makes sure by developer to ensure that Build is worthy for giving testing....

Smoke is done by QA team to have a deep look at Major functionalities....



Best of luck to be clear...kianson..Enjoy ur life


Smoke and Sanity testing are bit similar to each other.

Smoke testing talks about the testing to check the stability  of the build using Automated tests or Manual testing (covers highest priority test cases).

Sanity testing also used to check the stability of the build, but we covers little bit in detail test cases when we compare to smoke testing. Generally we used to do sanity testing during regression

Hi akshitha,

Smoke testing: - Initial testing is conducted on over all application to check whether all the functionalities available to conduct detail testing on them.

Sanity testing: - Initial testing conducted on the application to check the proper behavior on the application.

Hi akshitha and all,

Smoke Testing:

1) The purpose is to reject a badly broken application, so that the QA team does not waste time installing and testing the software application

2) Initial testing done in each new release. Navigate to all forms here and there and links applicable to make sure no breakdown in any page. Ensure the application is stable for further testing

3) If any electrical circuit breaks then smoke comes. So, 'Smoke' word come in testing from electrics filed. Smoke testing is process where we test that build is fit for use or not

4) It is executed before any detailed functional or regression tests are executed on the software 

5) Example: If we consider a house. We need to check whether it is built properly or not

Sanity Testing: 

1) The point of a sanity test is to rule out certain classes of obviously false results, not to catch every possible error

2) It is narrow regression testing with one or more areas of functionality

3) Example: If we consider a house. We need to check if it  has one roof, 4 walls, 1 door, 1 window

Thanks and Regards,

Sonam Kaur,

Infocepts Ltd


your examples are good :)

Hi Akshitha,

smoke testing is the set of test cases which we execute whenever we are getting a new build , smoke test is used to
verify that a build is testable on the basis of the test execution status of the smoke test cases.we  can reject the
build . there is no need to further test if the execution is unsatisfactory smoke test saves time in testing
cycle.These test cases include the basic test cases which include installation and basic functionality.

 Sanity test cases is the test of major and critical functionality test  cases like navigation authentications .
Sanity testing is a one time job for application .smoke testing is performed everytime we get a new build of the same application.




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