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Difference between smoke testing and build acceptance testing

Hi All,


Can anyone please explain the difference between Smoke testing and build acceptance testing.

Which testing will be done first, is it smoke testing or BAT?

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 Ok Ok... If wikipedia is not correct ... and You are challenging Newtons 2nd Law too....

then Yes I am agree with You....!

Vamshi & Samrat,


This is a good discussion after long time for me on QT. I don't see interesting post these days!


I enjoy the agressive precision of knowledge though I don't intend to hurt anyone.


Yes I started with the Apple example in one of my presentations and folks around were confused, amazed. Even I was when I came to know this on National Geographic Channel!!!


The lesson is knowledge has not limit, it just has to go on and on...


Thanks for the Participation folks.


I wonder what's running on Lakshmi kanth's mind now ;)



Abu, if samrat is thinking the same then I am much happy with it...even I too like such posts but participants or the readers should not think that the other is aggressive or arrogant :)


Let me admit the qstn was simple but the conversation made it much interesting :)

I believe Lakshmi kanth might smile for a while


 Sure dude... .. Laxmi kanth will surely smile ... but after all I feel sad for Jyotsna ..

anyways......... thanks all........ We enjoyed it immensely ...!! Thanks to QT  too.....!

Hi siddiq,samrat the topic you both covered a lot that's enough ,think a new topic guy's and vamshi for 'external force' you need the answer then read 'Newtons laws' ok bye...
I remembered it now....however when Abu reminded it then I think no need to read it again :)

Dude...as said earlier by me this discussion turning out to be who is great??? chill guys...leave it up...its becoming a fight between you two people....none is participating in it....

If jyotsna has got something till now... I think its more to her now...leave it....

Happy Weekend

Good discussion friends, really love it to read.


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