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Basically SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle process where as STLC stands for  Software testing Life Cylce Life Cycle. first one is used by Developer where 2 one is used by tester

SDLC is a frame work tat describes overall activities performed at each stage of a s/w development projects ( in short its a procedure to develop the s/w)


STLC is a frame work tat describes overall testing process performed at all stages of s/w developing/developed. STLC is a cycle inside the SDLC.. tat means STLC is a part of SDLC..

left bug tracking in STLC....!!

defect reporting is also there na

Veena is correct but I want to add one ore thing that STLC is always mapped with SDLC.

hey thanks all of u 4 d reply

Software development Life cycle ( SDLC)
1) Requirement gathering,
2) Analysis
3) Design
4) Development
5) Testing
6) Implementation
7) Maintenance

Software Testing Life cycle ( STLC)
1) BRD(business requirement document)
2) SRS(Software requirements specification)
3) HLDD(High level design document)
4) LLDD(Low level design document)
5) Unit testing
6) Integration testing
7) System testing
8) UAT(User Acceptance Testing)




Software testing life cycle is a systematic approach that identifies what test activities to carry out and when (what is the appropriate time) to accomplish those test activities.

Where as Software Development Life Cycle is a system development process that ensures that the customer’s requirements are met and a quality system is developed in a cost effective manner.

Software Testing Life Cycle specifies the phases of Software Testing and SDLC specifies all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle. STLC phases are part of SDLC phases.

SDLC means "Software or System Development Life Cycle

It involves following stages::::::

1) Initiation of the Project 

2) Collection of Requirements and Documentation 

3) Designing 

4) Coding and unit testing 

5) Integration testing 

6) System testing 

7) Installation and acceptance testing 

8) Support or maintenance .


STLC means "Software or System Testing Life Cycle

It involves following stages:::

1) Preparation of the test strategy 

2) Preparation of the test plan 

3) Creation of the test environment 

4) Writing of the test cases 

5) Creation of the test scripts 

6) Execution of the test scripts 

7) Analysis of the test results 

8) Reporting of the bugs 

9) Performing regression testing



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