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Functional testing involves the complete integration system to evaluate the system’s compliance with its specified requirements. Based on the functional specification document this type of testing is to be carried out. In actual testing, testers need to verify a specific action or function of the code.
Non functional testing has a great influence on customer and user satisfaction with the product. Non functional testing should be expressed in a testable way, not like “the system should be fast” or “the system should be easy to operate” which is not testable. 

As per best practice from testing company,

Functional Testing:

- In functional Testing, A tester verify functionality of the software.
- A tester can do functional testing manually.
- A tester perform functional testing as per customer requirements.
- In this tester checks the login functionality.
- It’s performed before functional testing.

Non Functional Testing:

- In Non Foundational testing, A tester verify the non functional areas like usability, Performance etc.
- It’s difficult to per non functional testing manually.
- It is performed to verify the customer expectations.
- In this tested check that in how much time a dashboard gets load after login.
- It’s performed after functional testing.


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