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thanx all..!!!!!!!!!!
Bug:The defect approved by the developer is called bug

Defect:An error in the program is called defect
hi these are the differences between defect and bug:

Defect: Any issue is found by tester and reported, it can be said a defect.

Bug: Once the defect is accepted by the dev as a valid, it can be said a bug.

i think
when end-user find mistake in the application than it is defect

and when tester finds that mistake in the application then it is bug

correct it if i'm wrong
i have just joined this community and i also want to diff. between bug and defect
i just want to give u one example to differenciate it
A+B = C--- is our requirment
program is writtewn as above ie
A+B= C-- BUT after execution it we did not get "c"--- it means that there is a BUG and due to which we r not getting
our requirment
A+D =C
HERE program written above is deffective becouse
req. is A+B=C BUT It is written A+D =C so this is a defective program
hope u will get my point
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Hi Nirmal Sing, Thanks for u r example ......, Can u pls explain it in a definition manner...ie., pls apply this example for creating a sentence (definition) formation. For explaining it to a interviewer.

hi Nidhi,
Bug: it is the deviation b/w expected behavior to actual behavior which is identified by tester during testing
Defect:Which does not satify the functional requirements which is identified by enduser or tester

Hi Nidhi,, pls chk this one:) Error:     Generally Its a human mistake. In s/ws While the development (coding) its occure.Its may be syntax error, logical error or symantic error. So while coding phase its an Error.

Bug:       Testing is the process of executing a program with the intent of finding erros.After finding an error on Testing stage its called as bug.

           After finding a bug, while reporting stage its called as a defect. If the defect ratio is more than 50% in s/ws, then we have to rebuild/redevelope the total software.

Defect: Any issue is found by tester and reported to developing team, it can be said a defect.

Bug: Once the defect is accepted by the developing as a valid, it can be said a bug.

Bugs: It is found in the development environment before it is shipped to the respective customer.

Defect:It is found in the Development environment after it is shipped to the respective customer means production environment.


if a tester identify some lapses in the SUT it is known as defect.. when a defect accepted by the developer it is known as bug


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