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Hi Nidhi,
When you find a mistake/problem/error in the Production stage it is said to be a Defect
Where as when you find a mistake/problem/error when the product/project is released in to market it is said to be a Bug

Correct me if am wrong!!

Hi frnds

Difference b/w defect and bug?

Defect : Actually defect is a deviation, deviation in BRS,deviation in SRS ,deviation in FRS and also deviation in Design,coding etc.

Bug : Bug is a software error which is a cause of deviation.
What do you mean by Deviation, Parvesh?
Deviation means different from what is expected.

For example : If in the Business Requirement Document its mentioned like a particular link appears at the top whereas in design document its mentioned at the bottom. then we will raise a defect in Defect tracking tool (eg: Hp QC ).

So defect can be any deviation . Bug is always error in program.

Hope this helps
I agree with Sudhamshu comment
Error : A discrepancy between a computed, observed, or measured value or condition and the true, specified, or theoretically correct value or condition. See: anomaly, bug, defect, exception, and fault

Failure: The inability of a system or component to perform its required functions within specified performance requirements. See: bug, crash, exception, fault.

Bug: A fault in a program which causes the program to perform in an unintended or unanticipated manner. See: anomaly, defect, error, exception, fault.

Fault: An incorrect step, process, or data definition in a computer program which causes the program to perform in an unintended or unanticipated manner. See: bug, defect, error, exception.

Defect: Mismatch between the requirements.
Deviation simply means mismatch CHINTU :)
Bug : Bug is a software error which is a cause of deviation.
Can you explain this in detail without deviation my dear.

And Mr.Parvesh , hope my name is clearly visible to you as Sudhamshu Ailineni !!

Hi Nidhi,
Defect: Missing requirements is called defect.
Bug:Dis satisfaction of the requirements

Thanks & Best Regards,
Anybody given ISTQB exam ?

will suggest .read glossary all proper definition is given or search on wiki [just reading dumps for ISTQB is not enough ]
Bug: It is found in the development Environment before the product is shipped to the respective customer.

Error: It is the deviation from actual and the expected value.

Defect: It is found in the product itself after it is shipped to the respective customer or user or client.
Defect: Which does not satify the functional requirements, Defect is usually identified by a customer,
Bug: it is Faults in a application which can be identified by tester , this terminology used by testers


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