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Dear Buddies,

  1. What is the difference between Regression test and Re-Test?
  2. When to do regression and when to do re-test?
  3. How to update the test case and bug report for these tests?

     Explaination with example will help me lot to understand.

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Hi Anandhakumar,
Re-testing is performed when a bug has been found and fixed. The re-test is when you run the test that you found the bug in the first time to validate that the fix is successful. Where Regression testing is performing all tests which have been written against the application to insure that any updates or changes have not affected functionality which was working prior to the change. Regression testing is usually performed near the end of the test cycle and often omitted due to time constraints.

lakshmi kanth reddy
Thank q...


       Retesting is done after  bug fixing for the particualr module.

Regression testing:

     Regression testing is done at the end .The main function of regression testing is to check whether the changes in particular module affects other module in functionality wise.


        these guys have answered well but I wud add one more point:---  


Regression is done in two situations 

 1) If software has been changed ( because of fixes or Adding extra functionality or deleting existing functionality )

 2) If the Environment changes still we will do regression...




Samrat ..

  • Regression - U mentioned in first situation that because of fixes.(   1) If software has been changed ( because of fixes or Adding extra functionality or deleting existing functionality )  )
  • Both kotla & Senthamilselvan had told that Re-Testing is done after bug fixing.
  • which one is correct? else what do you mean by "because of fixes" ?


 ok ok ok..............    


 Retesting:- ( also called Confirmation testing : ):-  when testing is done to confirm that the bug which we reported earlier has been fixed in new build is called retesting ....   but Regression testing means :- testing to ensure that the fixes has not introduced new bugs to be appear...    !


Example:-- You execute 5 test case in which 2 test cases failed ...

Now in new build ( After fixes ) You will execute 2 test cases which failed earlier in Retesting to ensure that the defect has really been fixed....

but You will execute 3 test cases which passed earlier ( in 1st test run ) to ensure that the test cases which were passed has not been affected because of Bug fixes... 


on the whole :--- Retesting after bug fixes to ensure that bug really got fixed ..

but Regression will be done to find out the side effect of the changes.... 


Now My 2nd point :---- Suppose the S/W has not been changed but the Environment has been changed (like a S/W was developed to work with XP but The Client wants that S/W to work with Windows 7 too ) in that case too Regression will be done...!


Hope Its Clear now.......??




NIce samrat...

I understood now.

Thanks a lot!


welcome dude.......!


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