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diff betwen QA and Testing?

what do u mean by checklist?

what do u mean by system intergration testing

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QA vs  Testing :---

  I think you must be knowing the difference between QA and QC..   if yes then simply replace QC with testing  because a tester is a Quality Controller ...

QA vs QC:-------

QA:- Checking the Quality of the Process,    QC : Checking the Quality of the Product .

QA :- Preventive activity .                     QC : - Detective activity ..

QA :- Measuring the Current S/W Development Process , Finding ways to improve it with a goal of preventing defects from ever occuring .......... 

QC:- Finding the defects , reporting it to the appropriate person and get it fixed..... 



Quality Assurance:
1. Quality assurance meant for developing, organizing the best quality process
2. QA is process related
3. QA focuses on building in quality and hence preventing defects
4. QA: Deals with process
5. QA: for entire life cycle
6. Quality Assurance makes sure you are doing the right things, the right way.
7. QA is preventive process.

Quality Control:
1. Quality control meant for implementing the process developed by former team
2. QC is the actual testing of the software
3. QC focuses on testing for quality and hence detecting defects
4. QC: Deals with product
5. QC: for testing part in SDLC
6. Quality Control makes sure the results of what you've done are what you expected
7. QC is corrective process.

What do you mean by checklists.......??

Checklists are list of those things which we need to check ...

What do you mean by SIT ..?

Don't confuse System Integration with Integration followed by System .. actually System integration is usually done after System testing when You test that how your system integrates with any other system..     Simply testing the integration of Systems ( not Integrated modules ) and Packages , testing interfaces to external systems / Organizations ... 


Samrat Jha.

Good reply...

Sometimes I think the job postings don't really convey the right message to the applicants... I have yet to see a job advertised in the IT sector that read: QC Analyst, or QC Lead... Everywhere you go, QA is the abbreviation that is used, yet the tester is asked to find defects :) 

Thank You  Behbood...! and yes , You are 100% correct . even I keep on thinking over the same and In my earlier days I myself have had a designation of Quality Analyst but we were not responsible for preventing the defects .. we were only doing execution based testing once the code is complete ...   I sometimes think that QA is used to misguide the Customer that We ( The Organization ) are  not only going to test the System, in fact We will test the Software artifacts too... 

Check list:

A checklist is a kind of detail document used to minimize the failure by compensating for potential limits of human memory and attention. It helps to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out a task.If we maintain a checklist means it will reduce the time for testing a application.

Difference between QA & Testing:

Quality Assurance:

A set of activities designed to ensure that the development and/or maintenance process is adequate to ensure a system will meet its objectives.


The process of executing a system with the intention to finding the defects.

System integration testing:

Testing of 2 or more system components and testing the software components that have been distributed across multiple platforms [for eg: client, web server, application server, and database server]



QA:Eveluate your project process in order to identify bugs and fix them ASAP

testing:means tester have to check application or product made as per client's expectation or not means 70-80% QC activity(review is QA activity which is also part of testing)

QA:Process of verifying whether we are building product right or not.Simply QA people will do auditing.Which means they will check each and every outcome document and the role are following particular standards,guidelines and procedures are not.There main focus is on process.Verification comes under QA

QC:Process of verifying whether we are building  right product or not.QC people will implement the standards and guidelines.Validation comes under QC

Thank you


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