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Devloper not accepted u r defect wat will we have to do....?

Hi all 

After finding the defect  we reported to dev with all details like screen shorts steps to reproduce..

but he did not accepted it then  what will we have to do..

This is my interview question can any one please give me the answer.

Thanking you 


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When devloper Reject the defect fisrt we need to know cause of the rejection.

In Quality Center or Test Director Developer will update his comments with proper justification,if you found there is a gap from devloper  to tester then you need to provide the Valid screen prints of the defect.

Even if dev.team team is not accepting then you can involve the SA and BA team and take the confirmation on the defect.

Thank you....

 Hi Kavya,

             If you want the Developer to accept your defect then  Being a test engineer  you must have the Steps to Reproduce the defect and You should have the Screenshots , Video Captures etc to Prove your defect ...

 If you are able to reproduce the defect with your steps to reproduce then the dev team has to accept it ...  but still the dev team is not accepting your bug then simply involve your TL and let him decide over the issue ...  However, In an ideal situation it is the Job of the Bug Review Committee or BAs  to decide that its a defect or not ... and once they have approved your defect then the Dev team has to fix it.... Sometimes it happens that your bug may not be fixed in the current release in that case the dev team has to mention that in which release (Version ) the defect will be fixed..............

Hope it will help you ..


Samrat Jha

Technical Executive

QT - Team ..

Hi kavya,

if developer didn't accept your  bug you can verify your requirement documents .



Thank you....

Thank you.... samrat

Agreed with Samrat Answer.


Sometimes the defect is rejected because developer tell that this is not as per requirement,this seems to be an case of missing requirement in this case if your defect is genuine and is related to the business functionality then it may be accepted, may be rejected if it does't make sense.This is decided by business or BA.

Thank you....

Hi kavya,

           In some cases in this question from developer point of view he is correct and in tester point of view he is correct  why because the problem is in understanding the client requirements. In this case may be the requirement is not clear then its better to contact the SME/BA. after that also the problem is not clear means then better meat the client to get the correct requirements...

Hi Kavya,

Not only in this situation, but always do report ur defects through evident mode(may be e-mail cc to whom u report).

Bcaz the defect which is not accepted by dev may be raised as a big issue from customer.

In that situation u could not be blamed...

We have to try to know him about functionality effect due to this issue and try to reproduce the issue in his machine .

We have increase the priority if you think it is the most important one even though he did not hear you.

Hi Kavya!!

Tester may not interact with developers directly.

Defect Tracking Team is :

Jr. Tester-->Sr. Tester--> Test Lead---> Manager--> Team Lead-->Sr. developer. --> Jr. Dev.

so where is the chance to interact Tester directly with the developer

as per the bug life(of course you too know)

it may be either Test Case/Test Data/Test Environmental defect or he may reject for more information.

if it is test case defect -->TL+Tester will solve with the help of SME

Test Data Defect ---> TL+Tester will solve with the help of SME(BA+SA)

Test Environmental --> TL+Tester will solve with the help of infrastructure team

if the defect is other than the above the Team Lead/developer has to accept other than tht what he will do?? otherwise the customer people may raise ....


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