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What are all points need to consider, while developing mobile automation framework.

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In this competitive era, companies providing test automation services keeps in mind the following parameters while developing a mobile automation framework:

- Should run scripts on mobile physical device as well as virtual device
- Compatibility with Android as well as iOS devices
- Handle scripts and data separately
- Create libraries
- Follow coding standards
- Less maintenance
Ease of integration with CI

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For developing a test automation framework, it would become mandatory to follow a set of standards that would lead to successful execution of software projects. Scripts are designed and executed within a test automation framework. Do check out the below mentioned key factors that are to be kept in mind by the tester while developing a test automation frameworks:

  • Reports and Logs - Testers must have the reports specifying the detailed execution status with the category and the screenshots.
  • Scripts and Data Handling - Input test data should be kept separated from the Automated test scripts.
  • Library should contain the external connections such as databases, application & generic functions as well as all the reusable components.
  • Scripting Standards - Coding standards are always needed to be maintained across the test automation framework.
  • Well Organized Framework - The automation framework should be well organized so that it can be understood easily.
  • Focus on Extensibility and Maintenance
  • Configuration Options - Test framework should provide an option to select the configurations at run time.
  • Script/Framework Versioning - The various versions of framework/scripts should be maintained either in a local repository or versioning tool, which would help in easy monitoring of the changes made to the software code.

If you follow these major factors while developing test automation framework then definitely it allows tester to perform automation software testing, effectively. Moreover, clients and  business community would get the best benefits of implementing your test automation framework.

Developing an automation framework for mobile ordering application”, yes this is of course a quite great idea to generate new business opportunities and products.

I can recommend few features that you should consider for developing mobile ordering application(m-commerce app):

  • Login: Make the customer login clear and easy.
  • Navigation: The product search through out the app should be very clear and transparent.
  • UI/UX: In the current scenario where market has got so many applications UI /UX should be the main selling point.
  • SMAC: Make sure your your app is integrated with Social plugins, Mobility, Analytics & cloud, which is the current selling trend within the existing market.
  • Virtual Reality: Well, this depends if VR goes with your product or not. If goes you should definitely go ahead & integrate within your application.

You can also consider reselling the Cygneto Mobile Ordering solution the solution helps developing mobile app within time and budget.


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