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Hi all,


if on a web page there is mistake in company's name like instead of 'Quality Testing' devloper wrote 'Quality Forum', What will be severity of this bug?

If it is high then please explain...


-S Sarita.


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Hi Samrat,


This is your statment "it is a spelling mistake hence It doesn't affect the functionality"  but its affecting the business....



 Still you are in confusion..??? then you need to read the basics of testing ...!

yes It is my sentence.....!!!  and the defect affects the business that is why the Priority is as high as it could be...!

you r saying that severity is concern about business.that's not true .Severity is concern about functionality

And priority is concern about business

dont go with bookish things..

If it is a portal and having the functionality of displaying content, what it deals with.....

and content itself are wrong..then wts the use of giving it low severity???



 I am sorry.. I did a mistake by replying you..! but I must say...  You need to focus on basics..

Hi Sarita ,


No its not high sev its low ser but high pri


severity wil be very high bec  as company name and company log is very important before relase so the severity is very high


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