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please tell when i  log a bug ...after my team lead assign this to the concern developer ..Developer change his status to "Defer" & made comment that this bug should fixed in next release. But i know that its a high sevrity bug & need to fix in current release.

So how could i convince him to do so? please tell the answer

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Please explain him the severity level and impact of the bug if its not take care in the current release.  Still if he is not convinced ask him to provide a label patch immediately after the release. 

Create the story, where main character is real used. Then write the story, where he does some normal action, and then hits to bug. How he hit to it? How it affects to it? Is there workaround for it?

Also the discuss with developer, how large impact the change has. If you are at near the release, it might affect to so many parts, that it needs more work than schedule allows. Also make sure that it is logged, and team leader knows about that so that he can communicate to product owner or to the business people.

if he still not convince then what should tester do?

Communicate to project manager or product owner. We or coders are not deciding, what to fix and not to fix. The decision is made by managers or product owners. We can just communicate how bad WE think the issue is. And coder can tell and justify why he should not fix the issue. Then the decision is done by someone else.

I know that is frustrating. But we have to live with that. On the other hand - if we know we've done our best, but others hasn't listen us, it is their problem, not ours. We just have to make sure that we can show later, that we have reported issue properly and tried to justify it also.

thanks a Alot Teema...your answer is really good....i think now my confusion has'en short out


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