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Hi Guys !!


Can you people explain me regarding the following phases in Data Migration Testing:

1. Pre-Migration Test

2. Migration Test

3. Post Migration Test



1. How do we start ?

2. What do we exactly do in the following Data Migration Test Phases ?

3. What Testing Strategy do we use for the above phases or for Data Migration Testing ?

4. What are the documents used in these types of Testing ?



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Mostly deals with verification kind of process, where source and destination are verified and any tech gaps required to fill in will be taken care. In few cases this will be most crucial part of complete process as mapping of both the nodes will be analyzed for data integretity while migrating.

Most likely way to deal is through good review process for each level documentation.

Migration Test:

Coming this stage well its just a validation process as per your requirement, hope I dont have to add any thing as its common project requirement.

But destination should be verified for other running application which shares same memory, specialy when it comes to shared memory kind of situtation every needs to be verifed in pre-migration level.

Post - Migration:

Now according to the changes once migration completed successfully try to do a regress check for new environmental stages and any dependencies which again will be best to handle using Impact analysis.

Let me know if I missed some thing or off beam.



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