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Which is the best open source cross browser testing tool??

Which is the best open source cross browser testing tool??

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There are many cross browser testing tool.Each of them have some pros and cons. Following are some of cross browser testing tool.

Adobe BrowserLab
Expression Web 4 SuperPreview from Microsoft.com.

But it will be better if you check which one suits your purpose best. For more details  visit the link :



If you are doing cross browser testing means IE tester is very nice......


What are the major issues found in compatibility testing rather than gui and navigation issues.......?


There are different browser Testing tool availble in the market some of the free tool and some of the paid tool.Each one has own specialty

Check out following link:


superb ji superb ji 

Use selenium to solve you problem 



There are no totally free crossbrowser tools available. Some for example browsershots will give you screenshots of a url provided by you, but as a free version it only allows one test per domain. Browserstack is a good tool but it is paid and can be slow at times, so currently where I'm what we have done is for the QA Engineers we have created several virtual machines in their workstations with different OS and different versions of Browsers. So the testers can run the virtual machines and perform browser compatibility testing in different versions by accessing the virtual machines.

Hey geethu , i too searched alot for this but didn't get any tool info. Finally i worked with IE and browser shots for some of my requirements.We are not having totally free software for cross browser testing..


Squash TM is an open source tool for test repositories management. Natively "multi" and "cross" projects, it can manage all testing stages, from requirements management to campaigns execution.

Based on an ergonomic and intuitive interface, Squash is also "full web" making it an easy tool to deploy.

Take a look in http://www.squashtest.org/index.php/en


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