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any one have any cross browser test strategy or test plan ....

please let me know.. this is a new task in my bucket ... 

bye tc

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 Test strategy and Test plan is never prepared for any single functionality.. so correct your question first ..

Hi SAmrat,

Thanks for replying....

1. browser compatibility is not a functionality but a type of testing phase.

2. This have be done on all the web application without fail

3. in few companies there are dedicated team for this and hence they require separate plan/strategy.

4. all or selected functionality should to be tested on cross browser for compatibility check

5. This is a mandatory TYPE of test that needs to be conducted for web application.

So my question was that, is there any one who is conducting cross browser testing extensively.

If cross browser testing is been conducted extensively then it need a plan, so do any one have any such plan?



 Mr Sanjay ,

   Testing has only four Types : they are :-

   1) Functional Testing 2) Non-Functional testing 3) Structural testing 4) Testing related to changes ..

as far as browser compatibility is concerned, I have already discussed it and you can read the same at below url


2) Web applications and Web sites are two different things , A website may be tested for Compatibility issues but when it comes to Web based applications then it is not necessary to do..   like in our current project ( which is a huge web application ) we are not doing cross browser testing .. we are simply doing the Compatibility with IE 8 and above ..

3) I agree that in few companies there might  be separate team but still they will be covered under Testing tasks section  ( in a test Plan ) thats it...   if you want to go in detail regarding Test plans you can search and read my discussions on the same..

4) Cross browser and Compatibility checks are two different things ..

5) It is never a mandatory type .. It depends on the kind of agreement/ Requirement you get from your client ..

I have done Cross browsers testing very extensively and that too for a year but we never had any separate test strategy or test plan for the same...

Any further discussion/ debate is highly appreciated ...


Samrat Jha

Technical Executive

QT Team.


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