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Hi All,

I will be allocated for functional testing of the credit card software system testing. Since I’m new to the credit card software testing. Hence any one could you please help me on how we can proceed on credit card software testing.

I need information on below topics.

1. Process/methodology/approach for the credit card software testing.
2. Is there any specific way that we will derive the test scenarios.

Thanks for your response. Looking forward for your kind response.


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pls reply

Do you want to test Credit Card ? 

Do you want to Credit Card software?


credit card software is what, can you explain briefly what you want to test on that. 



As mentioned to the card software testing , hence i wanted to general approach for the same..

Contemporary world when there are so many methods to hack data, there is not GENERAL APPROACH for card testing.


What Sasidhar asked you were very very valid questions? 

Do you want to test the hardware which use Cards for transaction? 


Do you want to test card transaction? 


If you can answer both question then may be you will get right help, both had different approach to test. 




Hi Nagraj,


Did u get the answer for this? If so, could you please explain me.





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