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Could you please clarify the definition for Walk through, Inspection, Peer review


Could you please clarify the following definition 

#1. Walk through, Inspection, Peer review

#2. What is responsibilities of Moderator and Author

#3. What is the difference between Moderator and Author


Balaji Purusothaman

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difference between Moderator and Author

Moderator: the person who leads the review of the document or set of documents, including

planning the review, running the meeting, and follow-up after the meeting. If necessary, the

moderator may mediate between the various points of view and is often the person upon whom
the success of the review rests.
Author: the writer or person with chief responsibility for the document(s) to be reviewed.

Walk through, Inspection, Peer review

Key characteristics:
1 meeting led by author;
2 scenarios, dry runs, peer group;
3 open-ended sessions;
4 optionally a pre-meeting preparation of reviewers, review report, list of findings and scribe (who
is not the author);
5 may vary in practice from quite informal to very formal;
6 main purposes: learning, gaining understanding, defect finding.

Key characteristics:
1 led by trained moderator (not the author);
2 usually peer examination;
3 defined roles;
4 includes metrics;
5 formal process based on rules and checklists with entry and exit criteria;
6 pre-meeting preparation;
7 inspection report, list of findings;
8 formal follow-up process;
9 optionally, process improvement and reader;
10 main purpose: find defects.

Walkthroughs, technical reviews and inspections can be performed within a peer group –
colleagues at the same organizational level. This type of review is called a “peer review”.


u r right Jayanthi Vemula

Walk Through - Informal review. Here the reviewer reviews at adhoc and the author would make the necesary chanegs. No need to maintain the record as proof for review.

Inspection - Inspection is formal review, where we need to maintain the review comments and also fixation of comments need to be maintained

Peer Review - Two resources swapping their documents and each one reviewing other s documents is known as peer review. this also informal review, it is used to reduce the consumption of time.

Moderator - Author -

Author - Person who is the owner of the artifacts (Work product).

Moderator - Is a person who moderated between the author and the reviewer.

Hi Balaji,

I have this link which has described very nicely the terms you required. If possible just have a look into it.


Hi, Balaji

check this link for walkthrough good info is there http://testingbasicinterviewquestions.blogspot.in/2012/01/what-is-w... and for inspection check this http://testingbasicinterviewquestions.blogspot.in/2012/01/what-are-...




You visit the below link, can find answers;


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