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1.Whether(Testing policy)  is the first document in testing documentation.

2.Who will  prepare this document.

3.what are all the needs will be covered under this policy.

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          A Test Policy document is a very high level company wide document and is written at the executive level. It'll consider the overall approach, culture and standards of the organization, and will outline the corporate view of testing practices and is often written by the IT department. 

A Test Strategy document describes how the testing should be done - how to implement the Test Policy. It will show what testing needs to achieve in order to reduce or even remove generic risks. It's a reusable set of testing guidelines and is usually not project specific.

The main difference between these two documents is their level of detail. The Policy is the 'what' and the Strategy is the 'how'.

ok.. thanks alot.guys ...After the discussion from u all a small confussion between testing policy and the test plan..could u tell what are all the things which is covered in testing policy apart from test plan or test stratergy..Thanks in advance..

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Well said. I think it is much more clear for all those seeking reply about Test Policy and Test Strategy.


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