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Could u please suggest any cross browser compatibility testing tool.....

Could anyone please suggest any cross browser compatibility testing tool.....?(Open source)

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i use browserlab.adobe.com it is slow but free of cost.
could you please send me any material on browserlab tool. i have seen the given url , i want looking those tools.

Please provide any docs related browserlab tool

Thanks in advance,

Hi Senthamilselvan,

Try using 'SAHI'. it is open source tool only.



thanks lokesh...Name of the tool is SAHI...

Yes, the name of the tool is "SAHI" http://sahi.co.in/w/


Selenium is the best tool which you can test the web application on different set of browsers.

Even I want to run tests for browser compatibility. Want to perform manual testing across browsers.

But none of these tools you can actually surf a site. Most of them offers preview. Not sure how SAHI would help in this case. I thought that its an automation tool.

I have tried spoon- http://spoon.net/browsers/, works fine for me but does not have IE on its list.


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