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To understand how LoadRunner software is priced, first you must understand how the software works.

You begin with a "Controller" component that executes your scripts. You then generate scripts that represent the path of viewers through your website - Home page, view book, add book, view cart, check out, etc.

Once you have your scripts defined, then you assign a number of 'virtual users' to the scripts - 10 simultaneous users, 20, 50, 100, etc. Generally, the load test will start low, and ramp up as time passes, allowing you to see the failure point on your site.

Pricing for LoadRunner starts with the purchase of the controller, at $22,000. Then you determine how many 'virtual users' you wish to have, and buy a package of users. The packages start at 25 users, and go as high as
you wish. The single largest load test was 2.2 million concurrent users for the Democratic National Convention website.

Pricing for virtual users follows this general progression:

25 - $ 16,000
50 - $ 22,000
100 - $ 33,000
200 - $ 44,000
500 - $ 55,000

Those are for basic HTTP transactions. If you need to test ERP software with LoadRunner, the virtual users cost an additional 50%.

In addition to the controller and virtual users, you have a mandatory support contract for the first year, and optional support for additional years. This support contract covers all user support, upgrades, enhancements, etc for free. This contract will cost 20% of your total for controller and virtual users. An example follows:

$22,000 Controller
$33,000 100 virtual users

$55,000 Subtotal
$11,000 20% cost for support

$66,000 First year expense total

$11,000 Second and following year support fees

Support fees are negotiable. Costs for each specific sale will be determined largely by the skills of your negotiating and purchasing team. The above is simply the published pricing for Mercury LoadRunner software, as available to their sales representatives.
Very good info provided with nice description.
As an HP Professional Services Consultant, I think it's better to mention the right way to use HP's LoadRunner! Please if you decide to use it for personal or professional use we have a trial option available. Follow this link and enroll for a 10-day trial. I do NOT ever suggest using a "cracked" software,...we are all upstanding professionals here!

If you are concerned about the pricing understand that HP is going thru what ever other company in the worlds global economic climate. I bet they'll wheel and deal with you!

The above pricing looks about right, however my current contract with kCura Corp proved a better pricing schedule for those whom are serious about using the tool. They even give a 30+ day trial if you can prove you belong to a real organization.

GoodLuck my friends,
Agent Mercury->
LoadRunner Trial from HP:


You will need to register, and download for this to work!

Agent Mercury->
I tried to download trial version but downloading failed everytime.........Can u suggest what need to do now


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