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  Hi All,

          Today I am starting this discussion to have your views over serious issue like Copyright..

 and at the same time I would like to request you all that if you copy something from any other Website then please don't forget to mention the Source ...!   I have started this discussion because throughout the day I am usually online over here and Several times I notice that people copy something from somewhere and they paste that info over here without mentioning the source .. which is copyright violation and being a responsible member of the QT Team we all must take care of a serous issue like this..............!


  Yesterday I contacted a Gentleman named Ravi Bhusan because he has copied his blog named " Cookies testing " from http://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/website-cookie-testing-test-cases/ this link and when I commented telling him about copyright issue , then He simply deleted my comment something which really surprised me as He is a Senior member and I was not expecting him to behave in the manner he behaved..




Samrat Jha. 

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I Agree with you!


What's wrong in mentioning the source?


 Yes Siddiq , I see nothing wrong in mentioning the source.. in fact one must mention..........

Dear Samrat,


We are totally agree with you. Our "Content Management Team" will delete such Copyright Violation discussions and blogs.


If you find anything, please bring into our notice.



QT Team

Dear QT Team ,

            First of all Thank You for your quick response ... I have already named the Blog and the Name of that person as well as the  source too..  ! once again I am mentioning it:--  

Blog name " cookies testing " 

Person :- Ravi Bhushan .

Source :- http://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/website-cookie-testing-test-cases/


Note:- You can refer the attached screen shot . for cross confirmation . 


Thanks again.

Samrat Jha


Plagiarism is a serious offence and I am sure all of us have heard this numerous times. Not citing the work that is not yours is a serious offence and it carries severe penalties in real-life.


We are all here to learn through discussions and knowledge-sharing. No one is more superior than the others in their knowledge or their status. So, why have the ego to claim someone else's work as their own?


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