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Configure jmeter properties in ubuntu to do DISTRUBTED testing

I have to test 10,000 user I have installed jmeter 2.9 on Ubuntu,

The machine having Ubuntu is the server and the other machine which is windows is the client on which the test would be executed.

How would I configure the jmeter. properties file to add in the IP address and the server file to start the test ?

I hope I am clear with the question  in one line I need to configure JMETER properties file for distubuted testing on UBUNTU



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Hi Kabir,

According to your description you do not need to configure distributed testing, you're fine to kick off tests directly from Windows machine. 

However if in future you'll need to use > 1 Windows machine to execute tests on and Ubuntu to orchestrate Windows machines, find some clues below:

  1. Make sure that Ubuntu and Windows machines are running the same JMeter version.It's important as internode communitations may vary in different JMeter versions and results may be flaky
  2. Make sure that the same Java version is being used for each host. Where possible try to use 64-bit Java from Oracle as there are limitations (you cannot allocate > 2GB to Java virtual machine on 32-bit system and JMeter may be memory consuming). Oracle JVM is better than OpenJDK which is default in Ubuntu so please make sure that you're using same version of Java from the same vendor for all hosts. java -version command can display what you need. 
  3. On Ubuntu edit file bin/jmeter.properties and add all Windows hosts to "remote_hosts" property
  4. On Ubuntu execute file bin/jmeter-server
  5. On each client edit the same file - jmeter.properties and add IP address of your Ubuntu machine
  6. Execute Remote Start All from JMeter GUI on Ubuntu
  7. Enjoy

Make sure that you're following JMeter Best Practices guidelines, i.e. disabling memory-consuming listeners, distribute load generation to execute not more than 300 threads per host, etc. 




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