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Could anybody tell me , what is Configuration Management in Software Testing ? How it is use?




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Software Configuration Management (SCM) is all about to keep the track and control the changes made to a software during its development. it emerges the concept of revision control and base-lining your product .


During software testing. Tester find defects and the code files needs to be updated then...coder update the file and check in to SCM version maintainer tool. and put a unique label on those file. So that the Configuration Controller may know which fiule has been changed for which event... he then deploy those labeled files.

Once the testing is completed...those code files are  then base lined. and sent for clients shipments or for Testing Cycle 2. In this way we maintain all the versions of the file since it is created. if wee need to revert back to some previous patch we can easily find out the previous version from history.

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just for the correction. its Ammad not Ahmad


Software cofiguaration managament is nothing but process of  maintainenece ,tracking and controlling of the modifications or changes made to a application durind entire SDLC and STLC phase .

configuration management can be done by using spl toolsl ike VSS (Visual Safe Source ).

SCM will be used to maintain differernt versions of Documents , Customer Changes , diffrent releases of builds (ver.1, ver1.1 etc......)  



Correct me if iam wrong .

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