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Can u plz explain what is "Configuration Management".


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Google is your Best Friend.
Abu One thing i dont understand is like we can get every thing in google but some times thru sharing we can learn alot .. so please dnt suggest about google if you know then answer or else please leave this some one might share there views...

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We can discuss things which are precise, Configuration Management is wide topic to discuss. The expectations are to at least have a look at it and then dig in.

If some one provides information on Configuration Management on this thread, it's again from Google. To avoid this turn around. I always suggest people with wider topics to sneak peak information and then drill down.

I don't take things to Heart rather to Mind.I am too hard to hurt ;)

Configuration Management:
The purpose of Configuration Management (CM) is to establish and maintain the integrity of work products using configuration identification,configuration control, configuration status accounting, and configuration audits.

The Configuration Management process area involves the following:
•Identifying the configuration of selected work products that compose
the baselines at given points in time
•Controlling changes to configuration items
• Building or providing specifications to build work products from the
configuration management system
• Maintaining the integrity of baselines
•Providing accurate status and current configuration data to
developers, end users, and customers

Configuration Management Process in any Company :
CM process describes the responsibility and steps to be executed for Configuration management activities, process tailoring and preparation of Configuration management plan with Change Management process.

The main objective of the CM Process in organization is...
•The objective of this procedure is to establish and maintain CM plan that define project activities with configuration management.
•Tailor the processes from QMS to suit the project requirements
•Identify and plan the Configuration of CI’s.
•Set up a standard change management process for all CI’s.
•Obtain CM Audit report.
•Baseline all CI’s according to the plan and activities.

Before going in depth to CM process we have to come to know what is mean by baseline and CI(Configurations items)

Baseline - A baseline is specification or product that has been formally reviewed and formally approved upon, that there after serve as basis for further development, and that can be changed through only formal change control procedure. Thus baseline is the shared project database, containing all approved items.

Configuration Item –
Configuration Item is an aggregation of hardware, software or both that is designated for CM and treated as single entity in configuration management process.
Possible configuration items are –Source code module, Object code module, SRS, Design document, Test Plan, Test Cases, Test results, the user manual etc.

So what should be the Entry Criteria of CM process?

Entry Criteria:

Project plan should be established and according to the current project phase the Work products that may be placed under configuration management include: Plans, Process descriptions, Requirements, Design data, Drawings, Product specifications, Code, Compilers, Product data files, Product technical publications etc.
The CM Manager is trained or obtains training in the CM Process.

CM Detail Activities
1. Identify project CI:
•CM Manager identifies the project CI’s. PM also defines the level of configuration for each CI’s i.e. Version Control or Baseline Control.
•CM Manager defines the naming convention for each CI.
2. Preparation of CM Plan:
• CM Manager defines the roles and responsibility with respect to CM activity.
• CM Manager defines the naming convention for each CI.
• CM Manager defines the access control for team members.
• CM Manager prepares the configuration management plan. Also decides the CM tools to be used.

3. Review and Approval of CM Plan:
• PM review the CM Plan.
• CM Manager addresses the review comments for closure.
• PM approve the CM Plan.

4.Establish configuration management system as per CM Plan.:
• CM Manager with PM will establishes CM system with configuration management tool (Like VSS, CVS) which describe roles and responsibilities with there access rights for CM Activities.

5.Provide CM Training. :
• CM Manager uses the CM Plan, and any supporting procedures (related to configuration management) to determine the specific CM training requirements.
• Where appropriate, the CM Manager obtains required special training necessary to utilize supporting CM tools.
• These details should be incorporate with .

6.Execute the CM Plan
• CM Manager Carry out the CM activities as defined in the CM Plan.
• CM Manager maintains the record of status of CM items

7.Establish and Release the Baseline and maintain register.
• PM identifies the baseline by getting approval from CM Manager and CCB.
• PM and CM Manager releases the baselines and inform to all concerned.

8.Set up Change Management Procedure.
• PM and CM Manager establishes change management procedure for executing any changes in the CI items

9.Conduct Configuration audit.
• As CM is ongoing activity it needs to be verify that it is going on right path. To verify this thing needs to conduct periodic audits
• Configuration Audit will include 'Functional Configuration Audit’ and Physical Configuration Audit both

10.Establish and maintain CM records.
• After conducting audit all CM Audit report records to be maintained in cartelized project repository.

•CM Manager with CCB will approve the CM Management Plan, and always keep tack of all audit reports established.
•QA Team will verify and conduct the audits and prepare CM audit report.

Exit Criteria
The CM Process is a continuous activity that supports the entire span of life cycle of the project/ product. The CM Process may be exited when all steps have been completed according to CM Plan.

Deliverables/ Output
•Configuration Management Baseline Register
•Configuration Management Configuration Item Register
•Configuration Management Audit Chklist
•Configuration Management Audit Report
•Chanage Request
•Change Register
•CM Plan (Part of Project Plan)

:) Hope your doubt regarding CM is cover

Thanks and Regards...


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