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Hi All,

Currently i am working on a product which collects data from any DB like JDBC, LDAP, CSV etc

Can any one help me in providing how complex the data can be stored in real time so that i can simulate the same data here and do my testing on my product

Thanks in Advance


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Complex data in the sense

for example take CSV

In CSV, my task can be done in 3 different ways like

Users.CSV, groups.CSV, group-members.CSV

In each and every file there can be data like the current user belongs to these groups ot the current group has these many users

You can check for hierarchy data


Employee table, Manager table , Department table , Salary table, Leaves Table, Skills table,Tenure table.

Have some complex calculations , like gratuity etc

Determine length of employment  based on flags/statuses like

employee_is_active =1

Hope this makes sense.


Hi Sandhya,

Thanks for replying

Just want to know in detail abt the hierarchy data

If you don't mine can you elaborate in detail plz

The example I gave is just an extension to what you wrote.

Employee table contains records of managers as well as their subordinates . Primary Key = emp_id

Managers Table will contain records of managers only . Primary Key could be combination of emp_id and name lets say. and Foreign Key: emp_id

you can define such relations between all the mentioned tables and cook up some data in them.

Try to query for a use case like :

Employee X reports to Manager Y..

or Historical data like

Employee X reported to Manager Y during timeperiod xx/xx/xxxx to xx/xx/xxxx


It is just upto your imagination to keep querying your data for various use cases



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