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Hiiii Everyone,
can anyone suggest me how to perform the compatibility testing of any website?
Is there any tool or just exhaustive testing manually?

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 There can be two types of Compatibility testing for websites ..

1) OS Compatibility  2) Browsers ( Web Clients ) Compatibility ..   which Compatibility you are looking for..??

and I have got to ask a simple question from you...

Is there any tool or just exhaustive testing manually?     This is first time in my testing career , I am getting to see that Exhaustive testing is done manually ...???  till now  what I knew is : Exhaustive testing is Impossible ( and It is one of the Principles of testing too )....    so if you have written it , You may be having some content to back your sentence ..........



Samrat Jha

hii smarat,

i'm loooking for both..

and i take my words back exhaustive testing bcz i'm aware ,its impossible..:)

i mean to say that how to perform that compatibility testing if you have more 15X150X190 different scenario.

in one group and you have a batch of this scenario.



Okay....  For OS Compatibility you need to have different OSs and set of browsers for the specified OS and test the site ....    but what I have noticed that Web clients ( Browsers ) also called Thin clients ) have the main impact ... and one needs to test sites in different browsers and their different versions...   Even you can find loads of links over the web to perform cross browser testing but I think its better to test them manually ( Its my personal experience ) ... 


 During Cross browser compatibility testing our main focus is on User Interface , secondary focus is Functionality followed as Security  etc..    In UI you can mainly encounter issues related to  GUI objects.

On Web sites, mainly we have  :  Content ( HTML ) + Presentation ( CSS ) + Interaction ( JS ) .

there are chances for the Presentation and Interaction to be affected in different browsers ...   but One must not forget that even the Functionality gets affected in some of the browsers specially IE ..  and when it comes to Web, Security is always a matter of concern .. but once again I am reiterating  that the Primary focus is always on User Interface.. 


there is nothing special to be done to test the compatibility with browsers ... We simply use our developed site with different browsers and their different versions ...  Sometimes we may use the system by enabling/ disabling Java script and cookies ... 


As far as your different scenario is concerned ... Go for different monitor resolutions ... What we do is : We have set our resolution at 1600*900 ... and if a site works/looks fine with our system them their are certain chances that the same will work/look for most of the monitors ....  Simply go for higher resolution ....


I Hope It will help You...


Thanks Dear,

Really it will help...





Hi Samrat,


Could pls expalian me what is Exhaustive Testing and how it  will be done.






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