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I've been in the software business for a long time.  I've worked as a software developer and as a tester.  I've worked with lots of other software testers.  One of the things that distinguishes a good tester from a mediocre one is the ability to communicate in writing.

I've been watching this forum for a month or two.  One thing I've noticed in many of these forum posts is a poor ability to communicate in writing.  I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings, and this isn't just me being pedantic.  When I read something a discussion title like this one, I question whether the author is someone I would want to work with.

Some American software developers try to avoid working with Indian testers because of the perception that when an Indian tester writes a test plan or a bug report, the writing is of such poor quality that the developer can't understand it.  This is of course a generalization; you will find great communicators, average communicators, and terrible communicators everywhere (including here in the United States).  Nonetheless, the perception is there, and frankly a lot of the writing on QT reinforces that perception.

I think a lot of folks on this forum are serious about being excellent at their jobs.  You hang out here because you have the opportunity to sharpen your technical skills.  That's commendable.  If you want to be great at your job though, it's not enough to have great technical skills. You can know everything there is to know about security testing, and you can know QTP or Selenium inside and out, but if you can't communicate clearly with your client, they will not want to work with you again.

I'm sorry if I've offended anyone.







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right mr. bill..tester should have good communication skill that any developer can understand what the tester trying to say about bugs? so developers can fixed it without any difficulties?

Hi Bill,


Its was good discussion, i would request you to give some tips or use full urls to improve communication skills.

As i feel this will very help full for me as well others too. Those are weak in written and verbal communication.




Yes that's absolutely true Mr.Bill.. I Meet this Problem in Lot of Times.... But I Don't Know how to Avoid this problem? Anyone asking Understand the Question but suddenly am not tell the answer using English... My mind prepare or search the words.... So am not answered Quickly... But sometimes i tell answer in simple words using for technical questions...


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