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Coming Soon: QuickTest Professionals (QTP) Online Training by Industry Expert

Dear Members,

The much anticipated Quality Learning portal is here for newbie, intermediate and experts.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Quality Learning portal with QuickTest Professionals Online Training by industry expert.

We are willing to bridge the gap between Learning and Software Industry demands thus addressing the concerns in every possible way.

Find the QTP syllabus which mentioned below and give your valuable feedback.

QTP Syllabus:

0.0 Training and Class Introduction
    - Course Objective
    - Instructions
    - Hands on
    - Review Ques/Discussion

1.0 Introduction to QTP
    - Why Automation/Benefits of Automation
    - Pre-Requities of Automation Testing
    - How to select a Automation Tool
    - QTP Windows/Basic Components/Addin Manager/Licenses Types
    - How does QTP works/Object recognition concept
    - QTP Automation Work flow
    - Record a sample Test
    - Execution of a Test
    - Enhancement of recorded script
    - Hands on
    - Review Ques/Discussion

2.0 Object Repository
   - QTP Classes and Objects
   - Details of OR
   - Types of OR
   - How to create OR
   - Test Object Vs Run time Object
   - Configuring Object identification
   - Object Spy
   - Object Properties
   - Logical Name
   - Mandatory/Assistive properties /Ordinal identifier/Visual Relation Identification
   - Smart Identification
   - Compare and Merge options
   - Synchronization Point
   - Hands on
   - Review Ques/Discussion

3.0 DataTable
   - Design and Runtime DataTable
   - Global and Local date sheet
   - Method available for datatable
   - Parametrization
   - Input and Output parameter
   - Hands on
   - Review Ques/Discussion

4.0 Actions
   - Types of Action
   - Call to New
   - Call to Existing
   - Call to Copy
   - Overview of Library files
   - Hands on
   - Review Ques/Discussion

5.0 Environment Variable and Regular Expression
   - In built Environment variable
   - User defined Environment variable
   - Taking Environment variable from XML file
   - Regular Expression
   - Hands on
   - Review Ques/Discussion

6.0 Checkpoints
   - All Inbuit QTP CheckPoint
   - Demonstration of Checkpoint
   - Inserting CheckPoint during and after recording
   - Drawbacks of QTP inbuilt checkpoints
   - How to create our own check Points
   - Hands on
   - Review Ques/Discussion

7.0 Recovery Scenarios
   - Handling the exception using Recovery Scenario Manager
   - Usage of Recovery Scenario Wizard
   - Completing a Recovery Scenario
   - Creation and Association of .QRS file for Recovery Scenario
   - Hands on
   - Review Ques/Discussion

8.0 Test Result and QTP 9.5 10.0 and 11.0
   - Viewing test report
   - Different option present for test report
   - Printing a custom step in report
   - ReporterEvent Method and Filter properties
   - What got changed?
   - What’s New in QTP 11.0?
   - Hands on
   - Review Ques/Discussion

9.0 Basics of vb Scripting
   - Data Types, Variables,Constant
   - Operators-Arithmetic,comparison,Concatenation,Logical
   - Conditional construct If Then Else and Select Case
   - Looping Construct Do,While,For Next,For Each Next
   - Arrays static and dynamic
   - Procedure and Functions
   - Important Inbuilt functions
   - Hands on
   - Review Ques/Discussion

10.0 Types of framework and QTP integration with QC
   - Modular
   - Datadriven
   - Keyword
   - Hybrid
   - How to connect QTP with QC
   - Hands on
   - Review Ques/Discussion

11.0 Some real time Scenarios
   - How to start in real time projects.
   - Hands on
   - Review Ques/Discussion

*Note: Quality Testing Collaborated with Quality Learning


If you have any clarifications and give suggestions, please contact us. 


Email ID: contact@qualitytesting.info


Thanks & Regards,

Lalitha Kiran | Co-Founder & Community Manager
Quality Testing - Quality is delighting customers
Email: lalitha@qualitytesting.info
Twitter: www.twitter.com/qualitytesting

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Thanks very much ,This is really very nice concept on Quality Testing. Whenever it will schedule please let me know !

Looking for this from a while and its going to be very useful. Thank you very much...



Thank you & Best Regards,

Anand Prem Raj Kolagani

Sr. Testing Engineer

Advisor - SBI Life & Kotak Life,  Star Health Insurance Companies | M -(+91)9440557921, (+91)9492848847

LIVE & LET OTHERS LIVE - "Love your neighbor as yourself.” - Jesus Christ (Holy Bible - Mark 12:31)
we are eagerly waiting for this opportunity,,,,pls schedule as soon as possible.......& pls let us know the timings.
Thank you Very much....
Please update me when this training will be conducted.
Please update me when this training will be conducted.

WOW..! Good News.


I want learn QTP, when is the qtp batch will start.

Please update the schedule like how we can attend it and its timings.
Thanks you! This will be a great help to a lot of us.  Let me know when this starts
good one,plz let me know the timings

Very great job going to done.

It would be helpful to all.

Thanks for this great step a head.

Waiting for this........



Thanks   a ton..Was much awaiting fro this QTP training!!!


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