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Dear Quality Members,

In our constant endeavor to serve quality people, we have identified training is one area to all the members gain, share and enrich their knowledge.

Please provide your training needs so that QT can plan and deliver according to the expectations.


1. Manual Testing
2. Automation Tools
  - Winrunner
  - QTP
  - Selenium
3. Project Management
  - Metrics Collection

Best Regards,
Quality Testing Team

* If you have any clarifications, please send us an email contact@qualitytesting.info

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QTP and WinRunner
I want training on QTP.

Hitesh ,


can u contact me @9848272005

We take training on Testing tools

I need some presentation or tutorial on
1. Testing of web services and API with selenium RC.
2. Design a framework to manage different test suits.
I need QTP and if possible VB scripting basics in accordance with QTP

Manjunath ,


contact me @9848272005


we take testing tools trainig .

batch starts this sat .Its online training


I want training on Selenium automation tool.

I want training on Selenium
I want training on QTP.if possible share some qtp meterial
i want training on Selenium and JMeter.
I need QTP training on live project
Vivek we provide online training on live projects for all testing tools subject .Contact me @9848272005


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