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Anyone started started to evaluate the Coded UI Test Tool ? Please let me know your thoughts on this tool.




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can u be more explanatory.
I am asking anyone started to work on the tool Coded UI Test 2010(Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Test Tool) and let me know your thoughts on this. I am started to build a framework and wanted to know from others about there approach.

Vijay, How are you,


Iyes i am evaluting coded ui test framework ... its very nice and trandy tool ... its awesome and nice too, they can do verification and validation phase very well 




I have been working on the Coded UI Test Tool, simply recorded some scenrios and generated the code and run it.
I am to use it to automate my project.
Would you like to share how you build a framework and how you are using it.

Hi Anita,

I had just started preparing CODED UI Framework over 2012, Using CUITE, Though it's a very time consuming but has add on in terms of maintainability 



Hi Abhay i am also using the cuite framework..could u please guide me on cross browser testing..i tried but it dint work for me....


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