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Please help me for Click Jacking Tool related information.? Do you now how to used this tool?

Hello Friends ,

Please help me for Click Jacking Tool related information.

Do you now how to used this tool? Please send in details .

And send also any other information.

Please reply , i am waiting....

Sandip Wagh

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About ClickJacking:

Clickjacking is the process of placing an invisible webpage content over top of another webpage.

When you go to click on a link or button that looks completely legitimate, you actually click on the invisible web content that has a link and that action is performed.

You can get this type of malware by going to any website where the webmaster has created a webpage like this. Once you click on the invisible link, you could be going to some website you did not expect, making windows pop up or even worse activating some flash or some other type of script.

If you activate some type of script you could be turning on your web camera, you microphone or perform some kind of executable action on your computer, like sending out messages to everyone on you contact list.

To prevent clickjacking, first don’t just click on any link when you are on an unfamiliar website. You can upgrade to newer Flash version, since they have improved security to prevent this. You can also turn off running scripting in your web browser.

A really easy solution is to just unplug your microphone and webcam when you are not using it. If you are using Firefox, an add-in called ClearClick will prevent it.

I have used following clickjacking tools few years back. some features of that tool is as follows:

Use point-and-click to select the areas of a page to be targeted
Supports the new 'text-field injection' technique
Supports the new 'content extraction' technique
'Visible mode' replay allowing a user to see how the technique works behind the science
'Hidden mode' replay allows the same steps to be replayed in a hidden manner, simulating a real clickjacking attack.


Kindly let me know if you need more information regarding the same.



Hi Ankit, do you have some good documentation with screenshots how to use this tool? I could not fi

Hi Poornima,

I will find and if no document is available, will create during weekends and share it across. 


Ankit Mehta



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