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What is mean by domain? What are different domains in market?

What is mean by Domain? and What are different domains in market? Can you pls explain the activities taken place in each domain? If you have any documents or urls related to Domain knowledge pls share with me.

can u plz send me sample projects on Banking


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  Hi ,,,

             refer this links so that you get you an idea of domains



Hi Saravan,

The link provided by Kotla is good.

In that its specified different domains.

Lets take one example: Real estate

For testing realEstate application, a tester should be aware about the realesate domain. Then only he should be able to test the application well. RealEstate is a domain.

In Realestate testing, you need test location, places, maps etc. So understanding of the domain will be helfpul for testing such applications.

Similarly for each domain, it will have its own functionaltiies and activities. Before testing any specific domain application, learn some basic functionality of the domain.

Hope its clear with you.


Saritha s.P.


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