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rowNo: Number of the row where the particular object exists. for eg: rowNo=2

colNo: Number of the column where the particular object exists. for eg: colNo=1

micclass: Class name for the particular control or object. for eg: image or webcheckbox or webradiogroup or webedit etc.........

0: tells about the index..


for the above it will click the 2 nd row's--1 col's-- image..

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3rd option micclass would be class of the object i.e. Link or Image etc in double quots

ha yes.. micclass is either image or link or webedit or etc........

micclass is the classof the object for ex link or image etc. and index is the location .in your given example if it isin  2nd row idex cannot be 0 it willbe 1 because index no starts with 0

micclass is the class of the object eg link or image. and index is the location of the object in your example a object in the second row can not have index 0 it willbe1 because index numberiing starts with 0


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