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Challenges in Manual and Automation (Selenium) testing.

Hi All,

In my last interview, they asked below question.

"What are the challenges you faced in Manual and Automation (Selenium) testing"

My answer is "I didn't face any challenges". But, the interviewer is not satisfied. So, I am requesting you, please provide some realistic answers for the above question.


Ganesh Jayam

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this blog is really good and nice thanks for sharing these technical information

this is really nice information about the manual and automation testing 


There are many challenges we face during automating test cases :

1. AS you know Captcha can not be automate so the flow which contains can not automate.

2. Bit map comparison can not be automate so its difficult to automate

3. Synchronization is the biggest challenge  in selenium

4. Dynamic elements identification is difficult

Manual & Automation testing both has its advantages & limitations. Almost every qa testing services professionals recommend using a combination of both.

Automation is being widely adopted as it enables companies to deliver new features & products in the market faster. it also helps to improve the productivity of developers & testers. However, there are various situations or stages where manual testing has an edge over the automation testing & it is preferred to choose manual testing.

For e.g

- initial development stage.
- user interface especially their visual aspects.
- When exploratory or Adhoc testing needs to be performed.
- short term projects
- captcha scenarios
- maintenance cost in case of repeated changes in the requirements

these are few scenarios where choosing automation would be waste of time & cost.

However, on the other hand where automation testing has various advantages like:

- while doing regression testing, manual testing is time-consuming.
- compared to automation testing, manual testing is less reliable
- automation testing in the long run is cheaper than manual testing

So a combination of both will ensure a path to success.


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