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challenges faced in Manual and Automation (Selenium) testing

Hi All,

In my last interview, they asked below question. "What are the challenges you faced in Manual and Automation (Selenium) testing" and I told as "I didn't face any challenges". But, the interviewer is not satisfied. So, I am requesting you, please provide some realistic answers for the above question.


Ganesh Jayam

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One of the challenge you can note is finding a proper Xpath which should work even if SRS gets

changed in future. Sometimes challenges faced during File upload scenario and also the Browser versions and Web driver versions.

At the time of production release, when a critical issue occurs...How can it be tackled? Many might have faced this situation. So this comes under challenges faced.

Following are the issue

1-  Working on frame work.

2- Creating Dynamic CSS and xpath selector (locator).

3- Script gets fails while slow internet so have to care of everting while doing code, we have understand the process what and where code will gets affects when slow internet will be there. Suppose example if u have Selected css selector after login, then we have to use wait code so that in case of login you may get selector visible to your code very late. in this case test can be fail, so we have to make precaution. may our code is run at client side and client may having slow internet issue.

4- SRS change issue-> As client is not sure about project he may change the flow, then we have to make our code so dynamic that we can change the section without affecting other part of project.

if i would write it will be huge list... 

Below are issues

1.Major bug found due to wrong deployment of code.
2.When QA have limited time to test and need to test on all browser with all version.

Following are the common challenges that any automated testing services faces using Selenium automation:

-Dealing with pop-up windows/frame
-Dynamic content/text. I.e Handling dynamic changing ID to locate element.
-Flash based app/screens
-Synchronization issues leading to timeouts
-Setting up Grid
-Responsive testing
-Change in application design
-Handling SSL certificates
-Handling JQuery elements like moving pricing slider, date picker, drag and drop etc
-Upload files from webpage using web-driver.

Following are the common challenges that any manual testing services faces:
-View points of QA and Dev. There are simply many instances where developers or testers do not agree on same view point.
-Regression testing. When any project expands the regression testing work simply becomes uncontrolled.Then this is handled by Automation testing to some extend.
-Switching of QA members on different modules on frequent basis as per requirement and due to lack of skilled members
-Understanding dynamic requirements and then testing under committed time constraint. If testing does not complete within time limits, team has to spend extra time to test and ship the product by committed time frame.

These challenges can be easily resolved using the help of any software testing experts.

Agree with Anand Singh answer.

there are no realistic answer for the above question.
it might vary based on the person taking your interview.


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