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Case Study Done By Suresh Menon By Mapping the Project Management Process to existing Process in ABC Company

Audit Report of ABC Company

      Author - Suresh Menon

Date Created: 02/09/2013

  1. 1.     Company Overview.

ABC Web enables business through the use of web technologies. From e-commerce to operational efficiencies or branding and marketing yourself online, ABC can  offer a complete and integrated outcome.

Services Include

Web Design

Media Advertising


Business Development/Marketing

Branding Imaging

Search Engine Marketing/Analytics

Process Integration


  1. 2.     Objectives.

To do a process study of ABC and find gaps in the processes of ABC.

  1. 3.     Scope.

To give the deliverables of project management, Test Planning,  Cause and Effect analysis, Test Strategy.

  1. 4.     Business case process of ABC.

ABC’s crux of business is website designing for auto spare parts dealers in Australia and other related e-commerce business. Typical of most e-commerce systems, the application architecture includes front-end content delivery and management systems, and back-end transaction processing and legacy integration.


Business case of the design department in ABC.

Tools used in design department

ü  Photoshop.

ü  HTML5.

In design you get the creative brief from Australian team, on this basis the design department in ABC in india gives 3 demo designs to the team in australia , provided on feedback given by clients and once design is approved for home page coding in HTML5 is done by the design department and then given to the development team where they integrate with the content management system for reusable components and later comes back to design team for styling.

The project management tool called dotproject is used for project scheduling in ABC.




Business case of the Development Department of ABC.

Tools used in development are

ü  Web server : apache

ü  Data base : MySQL

ü  Software tool : PHP, jQuery, html5

The process for Development followed at ABC is as given below.

Requirement from Australia team being received.

Quote process(Project Discussion , Conformation, Quote).

After approval get specifications.

Start administration works for example additions in database.

After HTML approval start front end and integration in PHP.

Goes to Quality Assurance department for bug fixing.

Documentations if any.

Live process(transfer file and Database ,settings updation etc).



Business case of the Testing Department of ABC.

Quote for testing the various scenarios in the website is given.
Initial Testing of the components followed by regression and final user acceptance testing is done at ABC.
HTMLs will undergo for Functionality, Links, Fonts, Navigation, HTML errors, Browser Compatibility, Device compatibility testing. Database , website directory structuring , security testing is  done in a minimum level.
Mantis Bug tracker is used for reporting the errors.
Once all errors are fixed the beta version is released to andy.
Change request from the client may be received which gets implemented and tested.
Project review Meetings are conducted to analyze the flow of the project.
Once the Site goes live testing is done based on go live checklist.
Live site will undergo for functionality, Browser compatibility, device compatibility testing.
For link Checking  Xenu Slueth is used.
For performance testing ABC  uses http://gtmetrix.com/ and for speed testing YSLOW is used.

One year maintenance contract is provided by ABC for the website designed.











  1. 5.     Current Issues

 More timelines, bugs, and not thinking about the functionality of the software.


 Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge areas mapping.

Knowledge Areas

Initiating Process Groups

Planning Process Groups

Executing Process Groups

Monitoring And Controlling Process Groups

Closing Process Groups

4.Project Integration Mgmt

4.1 Develop Project Charter

4.2 Develop Project Management Plan

4.3 Direct and Manage Project Execution

4.4 Monitor and Control Project Work

4.5 Perform Integrated Change Control

4.6 Close Project or Phase

5.Project Scope Management


5.1 Collect Requirements

-The  specifications sent to the development team has to be properly understood by the development and design team

5.2 Define Scope

5.3 Create WBS


5.4 Verify Scope

5.5 Control Scope


6.Project Time Management-



6.1 Define Activities

6.2 Sequence Activities

6.3 Estimate Activity Resources

6.5 Develop Schedule


6.6 Control Schedule


7.Project Cost Mgmt


7.1 Estimate Costs

7.2 Determine Budget


7.3 Control Costs


8.Project Quality Management-  Metrics not being used to show the management the progress of testing in a graphical representation


8.1 Plan Quality

8.2 Perform Quality Assurance

8.3 Perform Quality Control


9.Project Human Resource Mgmt


9.1 Develop Human resource Plan

9.2 Acquire Project Team

9.3 Develop Project Team

9.4 Manage Project Team



10.Project Communications Mgmt

10.1 Identify Stakeholders

10.2 Plan Communications

10.3Distribute Information

10.4 manage Stakeholder Expectations

10.4 Report Performance


11.Project Risk Management-Deadlines not being met, bug found in software,

Functionality of the software not being  understood properly, lack of understanding of the business process


11.1Plan Risk Management

11.2 Identify Risks

11.3 Perform Quality Risk Analysis-Creation of Risk Register and usage of Delphi technique

11.5 Plan Risk Response


11.6 Monitor and Control Risks


12.Project Procurement Management


12.1Plan Procurements

12.2 Conduct Procurements

12.3 Administer Procurements

12.4 Close Procurements





  1. 6.     Best Practices in Testing of Software

Follow IEEE 829 (Some sections not the entire template)  template for test planning , usage of metrics (Bar Graphs) to show the progress of testing to the management in graphical format.



  1. 7.     Tool Evaluation for Testing website and website applications on Open Source Technologies.

For regression testing selenium an open source tool can be used but it comes with the risk of training the current staff on selenium which is used for functional testing of websites so it will consume time.

  1. 8.     Best Practices in Software development  has  to be implemented as shown below.

We have to implement agile methodology  in ABC. The methodology goes as follows.

After the team completes the project scope and high-level designs, it should divide the development process into a series of short iterations called sprints. Each sprint aims to implement a fixed number of backlog items . Before each sprint, the team members identify the backlog items for the sprint. At the end of a sprint, the team reviews the sprint to articulate lessons learned and check progress. During a sprint, the team has a daily meeting called a scrum. Each team member describes the work to be done that day, progress from the day before, and any blocks that must be cleared. To keep the meetings short, the scrum is supposed to be conducted with everyone in the same room—standing up for the whole meeting. When enough of the backlog has been implemented so that the end users believe the release is worth putting into production, management closes development. The team then performs integration testing, training, and documentation as necessary for product release.

  1. 9.     Risk Management in Testing/Development.

Creation of risk register using expert judgement and Delphi Method should be implemented in ABC.


Another key area of risk is a misunderstanding of the original requirements. This can occur at the management, user and developer levels.

Lack of understanding in the automobile spare parts dealership business in ABC can lead to pitfalls in timeline/schedule.

The past history of defects (bugs) discovered during Unit testing will help identify potential areas within the software that are risky.


  1. 10.                        Metrics management  and collection.

Representing in a graphical format (bar graph) to the management about the testing activities going on in ABC.





  1. 11.                        Current Estimate for reusable components varies for non reusable components.




Time in Hours


3 Demo Design are made for home page, Inner Pages

24 Hours


HTML Coding (Home Page, Inner Page)

34 Hours


Content Management Systems with Access level member management, Contact us, product, shopping cart, postage calculator, order management, admin, user, global settings and design integration     

12 Hours


Payment gateway

2 hours



8 Hours


Go live

2 hours


Bug fix

1 hour



1 hour

Quality Control

Index/Inner Demos HTML

2.5 Hours


Admin Functionality Testing

5 Hours


Client Functionality Testing

5 Hours


Client Browser Compatibility

3 Hours


Client device compatibility

3 Hours


Projects leads Review/Support

5 Hours



6 Hours


Live Site Testing

8 Hours



  1. 12.                        Employee Review.

Development team lacks knowledge in auto spare parts dealership business and have to be trained in technologies mentioned in the training section (14) of this document.

  1. 13.                        Hiring Methodology.

Senior Programmers with 4+ years experience are hired based on practical test and team leads with 6+ years of experience, are hired for respective vacancies.


  1. 14.                        Trainings required.

Communications skills (Written and Oral) training required.

Development team is weak in the following areas

Reusable ecommerce  packages (Original equipment manufacturer and non Original equipment manufacturer), php oops concepts, mysql trigger and stored procedures, solution providing.

Development team lacks knowledge in the areas of business like dealership of auto spare parts and thus the delay in the execution of projects.

Testing team will require training on V model , IEEE 829 , Test Strategy.

  1. 15.                        Whether to implement Cloud Computing or Not.

Not required in the present scenario

  1. 16.                        Total Quality Management and cause and effect analysis.

We have to implement the Ishikawa diagram (Fish Bone Diagram) for finding the root cause of the problem.

  1. 17.                        Test Strategy/Approach for Testing Websites/E-Commerce sites.

There is a checklist defined for testing e-commerce sites which is as given below.

ü  Browser compatibility.

ü  Page Display.

ü  Runtime error messages.

ü  Poor page download times.

ü  Dead hyper links.

ü  Plug in dependency.

ü  Aesthetics-Pleasing to the eye.

ü  Font sizing.

ü  Session management.

ü  Session Expiration.

ü  Session storage.

ü  Usability.

ü  Content Analysis.

ü  Availability 24/7.

ü  Backup and recovery.

ü  Transactions.

ü  Shopping, order processing and purchase.

ü  Systems integration with legacy systems.

ü  Load handling.

ü  Login and security.

  1. 18.                         ISO  9126 quality model.

Functionality,   reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability, portability all these properties should be available in the developed software these factors depend on the regression testing being done in ABC which is conducive to the above mentioned quality models.


  1. 19.                        IEEE 829   template.

Currently ABC is not using IEEE 829 for test planning, we can use certain valid points in IEEE 829 ,as to implement the whole IEEE 829 will consume time and is required only for very large projects.


  1. 20.                        IEEE 1028 for Reviews and Audits.

The purpose of a management review is to monitor progress, determine the status of plans and schedules, or evaluate the effectiveness of management approaches used to achieve fitness for purpose. Management reviews support decisions about corrective actions, changes in the allocation of resources, or changes to the scope of the project.

Management reviews identify consistency with and deviations from plans, or adequacies and inadequacies of management procedures. Technical knowledge may be necessary to conduct a successful management review. The examination may require more than one meeting. The examination need not address all aspects of the software product or process.

Examples of software products subject to management review include, but are not limited to, the following:

 Anomaly reports

 Audit reports

 Backup and recovery plans

 Contingency plans


  1. 21.                        Future Steps

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