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Hi All,


Do you have any idea about “Defect Seeding”? If yes, can you explain in detail?


Thanks in advance.

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Hello Priya...
Defect seeding is actually the process of inserting some code in the program intentionally for the software to mis-behave...this practice is carried out to test the team performance and how much they know about the product. Developers have this knowledge where they have kept that code...so in this way we can check out the testing team performance and their capabilities.......
I hope you understand.... :)

I believe that defect seeding is not done to check the ability of the tester or test the product knowledge.
it is about injecting few bugs which may help to find many bugs in the application which were hidden.
Hi mohan...
I will do some research work on this ...n will get back to you...

See the discussion here. You may like to see this post as well.
Agree with ajay and mohan.

Like to know more abt this:
is this happening currently in any company?
dear Mohinder,
can you please post your thoughts on this topic here only instead of link which u provide ?
Hi Priya,
Defect Seeding means intenionaly u added defects to a program and determine the degree of extent and rate that defects are discovered through out the cycle.
In other words, The process of intentionally adding known defects in application/module for the purpose of monitoring the rate of detection.

For Ex,
suppose you have one application and u need to display reports for "Insurance Info, Life Insurance, Report Based On Employee Status" of employees .
Insurance info should disply based on some benefits assigned to employees
Life Insurance should display based on some benefits assigned to employees
Emplyee Status should besed on emp status like active,bench,resigned etc
now suppose there are seperate calculation which shows that Insurance and life insurance should provide to those employess whose emp status is Active .
So we need to seed known defect here in application from where we provide benfits to the employees and count the rate where these calculations are correct or not sepeartly in all "Insurance Info, Life Insurance, Report Based On Employee Status" reports .
means on how many employees informations shows correct insurance info for active /resign status etc


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