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Can we use Selenium for Performance Testing? If yes, please share me the process.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Namrata,

Selenium is a functional tool, performance testing is not possible using selenium.

If u have any other opinion regarding this please let me know
No, But for perticular scenario we can do for 3 or 4 users.
Using selenium Grid it is possible for 3 or 4 users.
yes selenium grid can be used for performance testing..

google it for more
Can you share some documents on Selenium Grid

Push to test is a tool which will be used as performance,functional tool.

Push to Test will support selenium script as well.

Folks, What exactly does Selenium Grid test in Performance?
i had this same doubt any 1 plz explain to me.plz send me the details at abulkalam4@gmail.com


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