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can we test "search functionality " manually with test cases

can we test "search functionality " manually with test cases ???

If yes than how we calculate test cases for the same .. ?

Please reply me .. its urgent..



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Yeah of course, but it may be an uncountable, u can write test cases according to ur creativity.

Please it is wrong correct me.



Hi Pravin ,

   Indeed we can write test cases manually for the same..   as far as Count is concerned .. It is up to you that how many you want to write to.  Even the test case description can indicate that how many test cases should be written for the same ...  Example:- Ensure the Search functionality works properly with maximum 5 test cases .. !

Note :- It may also be dependent on the Search criteria...  The more that Search Criteria the more the number of test cases you need to write ... 

Example:-- You have to Search "Buyer" is a "City" who is from Country "India" ...

Test Case 1:- Select Buyer from the list of Primary Actors , Select Delhi from the List of City and Select India from the List of Country and Click "Search" Button .....

Expected Result :- Total Number of "Buyers" who are from "City" Delhi and Country "India" should be Displayed.

Its just an example ... like wise you can write as many test cases as required .......... 


Samrat Jha

Thx for your reply samrat,

Actually i wanted to know that how can i satisfy to my PM that all the criteria have been performed by me and there will not be face any of the issues in the search module as far as concern of all the permutation and combination...

Can you please reply me for the same.



Yes we can test Search functionality manually by applying different test case scenarios 
But i did not understand actually what you mean by 'If yes than how we calculate test cases for the same .. ?'
If You mean what are the different test cases that we can apply ... there are alot of test cases like :
1.If the search function has a lot of search criteria first you have to test each criteria individually
2.Then making Anding conditions between the criteria
2.Try to Check the advanced search option if applicable 
which mean for example if you have a field called Username to use it in search, try to write a part of the required username and click to search to see the result.... etc 

Hope it help...

Hi Amira,

Thx to your nice explanation ... Actually i am currently working on the dating site and there are lots of parameters are available there for ex : see attached image ..

Hope this image will clear my question more ... bcoz my PM told me that how much time will be required to test each and every permutation and combination to test this functionality.

How many test cases will i perform for the same..

Pls tell me if anything else is required to this issue understanding ...




Hi Parvin,

basically for search we do the following test.

1. Blank test should not be allowed

2. Partial match should be done

3. Keyword match should be done

4. Cross field match search

5. Phonetic search

As of now i remember these type.



What you mean by Phonetic search ??

Hi Amira,

Phonetic means word which makes similar sound like

Cool can be written as Kool

So the system should accepts it or not !! 

It should.

i c .. but i guess this type of testing will not be applicable with all fields.. !

it may be applicable with a certain fields that have this nature ... 

But really i am still confused how will the system train to make that, it needs a huge Database in order to collect all words that have the same meaning 

Hi Amira

There is a new function i know that it present in ORACLE but not sure if it present in other Databases or not. This function is called Soundx. this function will retrieve all the words that are sounding the same (i.e. whether, weather ..etc.). I think this function can help you in such testing.


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