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 Owing to this, most testers believe that automating UI testing will be more time consuming, brittle and expensive. So, is manual testing the only way ahead with UI Testing? Not necessarily but to make sure that your automated UI Testing efforts do not go in vain, it is essential to lay the right groundwork. In this blog, we talk about the best approach you can take to automate UI testing. Read more here.

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yes offcourse. Is yours a web application ?

As per the experience from best accessibility testing services, Yes, UI testing can be definitely automated. Most of the time UI testing is performed manually but there are lots of benefits when it is performed through automation. Introducing automation in the UI testing improves the speed and efficiency of executing test suites and also reduces the margin of errors.
Following are some of the tools which can be used to perform automated UI testing:
1. Katalon
2. Selenium IDE
3. TestIM
4. Functionize
5. Perfecto
6. Squish
7. Parasoft Selenic
8. mabl


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