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Owing to this, most testers believe that automating UI testing will be more time consuming, brittle and expensive. So, is manual testing the only way ahead with UI Testing? Not necessarily but to make sure that your automated UI Testing efforts do not go in vain, it is essential to lay the right groundwork. In this blog, we talk about the best approach you can take to automate UI testing. 

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Automated UI testing is also good if you fellow the right approach. you have to set right expectations, chose your tools wisely and focus on what you are testing. 

UI testing is considered as one of the important method related to the Web test automation, which is mostly used to verify & validate UI components of web based applications.

Some of the widely used tools for UI automation testing are:

  1. Selenium,
  2. TestComplete,
  3. Ranorex,
  4. Watir.

So if you’re a beginner and starting with UI test automation, here are some examples on how to handle common problems and make your automation testing more efficient:


Yes you can automate the UI with any of the following tool. Tool choice depend upon on your budget and expertise you have. If you are new to automation or want automation experts to design the robust framework for your application then you can contact to any automation testing company for test automation services  

Robot Framework



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