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Can Test Automation improve Test Effectiveness?


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Definitely the effectiveness will e increased as compared to manual testing.The main thing is that it saves time.Anyone can run the test scripts whether they know coding or not.Moreover regression can be done as many times with less time span.

Yes it can, but it can also destroy it. Test automation is difficult issue, because it needs development, and testing skills. It also needs 'test automator' to consider what maintainability means. If that is not considered, ROI is destroyed right away. Non-maintainable test automation requires more debugging time (=test has failed, but you have to investigate why), and fixing the problems (=sometimes the test automation gets out date, and you have to fix it to match correctly behaving code). Also test framework might need maintenance, which must be noted at project plan.

YES, automating can improve effectiveness not efficiency.

Hi buddy,

Well, personally I think yes automation testing services improve test effectiveness and if you need 100% accuracy every time you run the test, then you should go for automation.

There are various reason behind this like:

  • Comprehensive

Even a security manual testing specialist can make errors at times while executing the same set of activity for a long time. So, increase the accuracy of automation.



Yes, Test automation improve your testing steps, there are various steps of automation testing and tools which helps you to improve your testing just like;

  • State of Application
  • Test Steps
  • Verification
  • Validation
  • Data Testing
  • Analysis of the manual Testing Result
  • Post Operation

For more: 

For more:: How to Automate Manual Test Cases Using Selenium

Such steps are really helpful for quality testing...


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